Vladimir Nabokov

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Dmitrii Likhachev and V. Nabokov (fwd)
From: Yuri Leving

It would be relevant today to add another touch to the Nabokov-Likhachev
connection. In the latter's book of memoirs "VOSPOMINANIA" (SPb, Logos,
1995) there is a chapter "About the St. Petersburg of my Childhood", where
Nabokov is mentioned: "For the Eastern matins we went to the local
church on Pochtamtskaya str. <...> When a family (ours or any other one)
entered, a man brought bent-wood (venskie) chairs immediately and put
them at the back, so that when the ceremony permitted, one could take a
seat for a short rest. Later I learned that the Nabokov family attended
the same church. It means that Vladimir and I must have met. But he
was older" (p. 42). The entire chapter is invaluable as an introductory
background reading for a better understanding of the First Chapter of VN's
The Gift and Speak, Memory.