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Auction of Nabokov Photographs (fwd)
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Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 12:46:22 EDT
Subject: Auction of Nabokov Photographs

Ran across another auction cat. consisting of photographs from the
collections of famous authors. One lot is significant. Photographs taken by
Edmund "Bunny" Wilson. Included in the lot are:

Black and white photography of Vladimir Nabokov making an omelet in his

Estimate $200

Black and white photograph of VN with Julia Child in her Cambridge kitchen
making a complicated Filet of Beef Wellington. Nabokov is smiling gleefully
as he's cutting mushrooms.

Estimate $3500

Photograph of VN driving a car.

Estimate $4000

Photograph of of VN driving sports car with vanity plates "LOLITA"
Estimate $l0,000.00

Photograph of VN gardening
Estimate $1220

Photograph of VN pruning taxus hedge and smiling contentedly
Estimate $3000

These photographs were reputedly taken during the period of the literary
feud between Wilson and Nabokov, but before it reached the zenith of all out