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Re: QUERY: ADA's "Thank Log" (fwd)

Besides the persuasive suggestions of LOGOS (Johnson), and the Russian "Bog"
(Boyd and John), might there not also be an echo of the Aesop fable in which
the frogs (I think it was) worship a log?

Donald Barton Johnson wrote:

> EDITOR's NOTE. See my comment below. Perhaps someone has other
> suggestions?
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> On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Stefano Bartezzaghi wrote:
> > I am contributing the wordgames to the new italian translation of
> > Nabokov's Ada by Margherita Crepax. Margherita suggested I write to you
> > about a problem we can't solve: What is the meaning of the expression
> > <Thanks Log>? Neither Nabokov or Boyd dedicated a note to <Log> and we
> > don't know how to translate it into italian. Can you help us? I hope so,
> > and in any case thank you for your attention.
> > Sincerly yours
> > Stefano Bartezzaghi
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> DBJ NOTE. I've always assumed that on Antiterra where the action takes
> place that "Thank Log" was the equivalent of Terra's "Thank God!". On
> Antiterra, the LOGOS (word) is God.