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Re: Query: Vera Nabokov's translation of Pale Fire
Dear Grigori

Vo sne ya igral s drugimi det'mi,
No po pravde ne zavidoval nichemu--razve chto
Chudu lemniskaty, otpechatannoi
Na vlazhnom peske nebrezhno-provornymi
Shinami velosipeda.
Best, Don

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> From: Grigori Utgof <>
> I don't have at hand the Russian translation of Pale Fire (Blednyi ogon'.
> Ann Arbor: Ardis, 1983). I would be most grateful, if someone submits the
> translation of the following lines (Canto 1, lines 136 - 138):
> The miracle of a lemniscate left / Upon wet sand by nonchalantly deft /
> Bicycle tires.