Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Nabokov & Rockwell (fwd)
From: Galya Diment <galya@u.washington.edu>

Thanks to Mark Mc Laughlin for reminding me that a passage in PNIN where
Rockwell is mentioned pretty much answers my question:

"[Lake] taught... [t]hat there is nothing more banal and more bourgeois
than paranoia. That Dali is really Norman Rockwell's twin brother
kidnapped by gypsies in babyhood" (96).

Does not leave much room for anything but "poshlust" which makes sense, of
course, since Rockwell is often seen as a perfect manifestation of
"Capitalist Realism" -- which looks so uncannily similar to "Socialist
Realism." I was just wondering whether Rockwell's contemporaries, like
Nabokov, were more aware of his apparent attempts at being a modernist
painter and dissatisfaction with being typecast than I was until recently.
Probably not...

Galya Diment