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Oak Tree and Beheading (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Since Nikolay Nikiforov <> who raised the
question probably does not have access to THE NABOKOVIAN, could some
kindly soul send him a copy of the Barabtarlo remarks? Thanks.

Question from: Nikiforov

>I've not yet finished Orlando by Virginia Woolf, yet I want to know
>if the similitude between Oak Tree from Invitation to a Beheading and
>Oak Tree from Orlando evident to everyone?

Reply from: "D.K. Holm" <>

**I direct your attention to the latest issue of "The Nabokovian," which
arrived today. On page 26 of issue number 43, Gennady Barabtarlo goes into
detail about oaks in ITAB and Orlando, and Nabokov's opinion of Woolf's
novel. By the way, Barabtarlo also touches upon Carrollian influences on

D K Holm