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VN & soccer
Maxim Shrayer, author of THE WORLD of NABOKOV's STORIES [soon to be
reissued in paperback by the University of Texas Press], culled the item
below from the Russian magazine FUTBOL (#46, 1999, pp. 20-21). It is
entitled "Golkiper Vladimir Nabokov."

Nabokov's secondary school, Tenishev, was a participant in a Petersburg Soccer
League. Surviving records contain the 16-year-old Nabokov's signature as a
member of the Tenishev team captained by Kostya Buketov. The article
includes a list of games and win/losses. There is also a signed group
letter from the team protesting the use of a "sleeper' by an opposing
team. The issue also includes a short description of a soccer match from
VN's novel GLORY [Podvig]. ------------------------------