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Seeking information of Prof. Gleb Struve
Profesor Gleb Struve at the University of California at Berkeley
was the preeminent scholar of Russian emigre literature. He was also
Vladimir Nabokov's long-time friend and did much to promote the latter's
Dr. Evgenii Belodubrovskij of the State University of
Sankt-Peterburg is writing the first bibiography of Struve and would like
to hear from Struve's former colleagues, friends, and students. He seeks
reminiscences, especially those pertaining to Struve's conversations and
lectures touching on Petersburg and England; letters, poems, photographs,
et cet.

Dr. Belodubrovsky may be contacted at the e-mail address
above. His regular mailing address is :

195 274 Sankt-Peterburg
Prospekt Kul'tury d. 17, kv. 10
Belodobrovskomu, Evgeniyu