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Re: Query: "Spring in Fialta" (fwd)
These 2 lines are not translated in the russian edition. I do not think it
is a real french song.

Bernard Kreise

>EDITOR's NOTE. I do not have the 1936 issue of Sovremmenye zapiski that
>"Vesna v Fialte" first appeared in, but the Chekhov Press edition of 1956
>has only the French with no translation. Perhaps someone out there has a
>xerox of the original Paris publication, but I would be most surprised if
>_Sovremennye zapiski_ would translate the lines from French to Russian.
> Personally, I wonder if someone can identify the song lyric
>itself. Is it a French song?
>From: Elena Rudolfovna Rakhimova <>
> Elena Sommers
> Ph. D. candidate
> University of Rochester
>Dep. of Modern Languages and Culture
> My question has to do with the " sobbing ballad" that keeps "ringing
>and ringing" in Vasen'ka's (Victor's) head as he sees Nina off at the train
>station in the story "Spring in Fialta." The ballad is the following:
> On dit que tu te maries,
> tu sais que j'en vais mourir
> (They say, you are getting married
> you know, it is going to kill me)
> Could someone tell me if Nabokov had these 2 lines translated into
>Russian in a footnote when the story was published? I do not have the right
>edition handy. The one I do have, came out in Russia in 1997 and does have
>the ballad translated. I am finishing up a chapter on "Spring in Fialta" and
>this one detail is important.
> Thank you in advance.