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Query: VN Football quotations (fwd)
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Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 14:42:24 +0100
Subject: Football quotations

From: Tom <tomp@sru.co.uk>

I hope this is not too frivolous for the distinguished Nabokovians on this
list, but I was wondering if anyone can help me find a short, amusing
quotation from Nabokov about football (i.e. soccer!). I've just received
my "Philosophy Football" order form, which offers football t-shirts with
quotations from famous footballers/footballing thinkers on the front, and
their name and number on the back. At the moment they have everyone from
Baudrillard to Gramsci, from Nietzsche to Wittgenstein, from Wilde to
Marley, but as yet no VN. The no. 1 shirt (for goalkeepers, thus
appropriate for VN) is at present taken by Camus ("All that I know most
surely about morality and obligations, I owe to football") and the great
Lev Yashin ("The joy of seeing Yuri Gagarin flying in space is only
superseded by the joy of a good penalty save"). I hope to be able to
persuade the company to issue a Nabokov shirt if I can find a suitably
apposite quotation, and of course if no-one on the list violently objects.
Oh, and I must declare my interest - I'll qualify for a free shirt if my
proposal is accepted! I've trawled through "Glory" without finding
anything; is there something on football in "Speak Memory"? Or any
alternative suggestions for authors? Olesha springs to mind, but I don't
think anyone in England has ever heard of him.

Thanks a lot,

Tom Pedrick