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VN in Hofstadter's _Le ton beau de Marot_ (fwd)
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Subject: Nabokov references in Le Ton beau de Marot/Douglas Hofstadter.

Addendum to First Note, p. 127. This passage is indexed also under Eco.

Second note, p. 153, indexed under *Lolita*, Salinger et al, but not under

In a section titled "Transtemporation -- Fast Forward and Rewind" Hofstadter
discusses the changing of time setting in translations. (The Chapter, 6, is
titled "The Subtle Art of Transculturation"; he has already said much about
translating and changing place setting.) He suggests "*Retrograde*
transtemporation" as a challenge.

I quote:

"...Can you imagine rewinding J.D. Salinger, John Updike, or for that matter,
William Shakespeare, into Old English, the mirror image of fast-forwarding
*Beowulf* or Chaucer into modern English? How about down-dating *Lolita* into

Mary Krimmel