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Re: Query: VN Football quotations (fwd)
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EDITOR's NOTE. Someone may have pointed this out, but Chapter 24 of GLORY
is devoted to a Cambridge soccer game starring Martin as goalee.

From PNIN, Chapter 4, section 6:

Our hero enters an American sporting goods store. Slight misunderstanding
"I do not wish an egg, or, for example, a torpedo. I wish a simple football.

He illustrates with a gesture which, we're told, he's used in class to
demonstrate Pushkin [part of the _gesture_ theme that runs through the book].
Then, in an _echt_ VN sentence that is a masterpiece of economy:
"The salesman lifted a finger and silently fetched a soccer ball.
"'Yes, this I will buy," said P. with dignified satisfaction.'

Later he says to Victor: "Oh, you must eat more, more more than that, if you
want to be a footballist."

Best of luck, Tom. Post a picture of the shirt when you get it.