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VN in Publisher's Weekly (fwd)
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Subject: VN in PW

From: Naomi Pascal <>

I don't know how many subscribers to this list see *Publishers Weekly* but
here is an item of interest from the current edition.

From *Publishers Weekly*, August 11, 1997, p. 242:

THAT BOOK BY NABOKOV, as Sting has called it, certainly has had its share
of troubles over the years. The latest *Lolita* snafu is the (at press
time) lack of U.S. distributor for Adrian Lyne's new film version of the
novel, starring Jeremy Irons, which will get a European release September
26. Vintage, which had planned to release a new movie tie-in edition this
fall, has decided to go ahead with its 25,000 first printing, which
features new (not movie still) cover art. Vintage had originally planned
to ship books by August 27 so that the new *Lolita* would be in stores
for, appropriately, Banned Books Week (September 22-28); at press time the
publisher had bumped up the ship date to August 13, so that books are in
stores to time with Roger Angell's appreciation of *Lolita*, an article
scheduled to run in the August 24 *New Yorker*. Vintage is also releasing
a new edition of Nabokov's screenplay of *Lolita*, ultimately rejected by
director Stanley Kubrick for his classic 1962 film adaptation. The books
join the Random House Audio release of *Lolita*, read by Irons and issued
this past April.

--J[udy] Q[uinn]

Naomi B. Pascal
University of Washington Press