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Nabokovian dining (fwd)
***I, personally, don't remember this restaurant being mentioned before
even though we have had a number of culinary discussions with a Nabokovian
twist here. Does the menu have butterflies on it as well?*** GD

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Apologies from a new member of the list if this has already been discussed,

There's a Nabokov-inspired restaurant in SoHo, in Manhattan. It's called
Quilty's, in tribute to Humbert's bane; outside is a smashing mural of
Susan Lyon from the film of "Lolita"; and the walls are decorated
tastefully with Nabokovian lepidoptera.

Terrific food, wine list, delightful service; moderately expensive, by New
York standards, but well worth it. And special bonus: in the men's room is
a prop from Lyne's "Lolita" a mock-up of a cigarette ad featuring an
endorsement from Clare Quilty (aka Frank Langella).

One down side: the annoying theme from Kubrick's "Lolita" plays ad nauseam
all night. All the more reason to keep your conversation distracting and