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Re: The New Lolita Film (fwd)
*** Roger Angell is Katharine White's (The New Yorker's editor in the
1950s) son. That is why, I suspect, he took leave from baseball to write
about VN. Interestingly enough, he does not disclose his parentage in the
article even though he mentions White and her, at best "mixed," reaction
to LOLITA when it first came out.*** GD


I wouldn't argue with much of what the Suck writer has to say, and the
Premiere article is a real suck-up job to Adrian Lyne. I'm a bit
unimpressed by his hipper-than-thou writing style, but be that as it may,
he makes one major error in his piece:

Roger Angell in the New Yorker was writing about Nabokov's novel, not
Lyne's film.

If I remember correctly, earlier the NYer ran a piece about the film and
its distribution problems; and a New Yorker contributor, Stephen Schiff, is
the principal screenwriter on the picture. Angell's comments about
"Lolita" as "the greatest American love story of them all" was in an
appreciation of the novel in the magazine's annual Love issue. I think
Angell might do well to stick to writing about baseball, but the man is
entitled to his point of view, and he wrote a pretty thoughtful article, I

Then again, I live on the Upper West Side, so what the hell do I know.

-- JD.