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Covers (fwd)
*** Just a reminder: A discussion of the covers was originally began by
Paul Maliszewski ( who is currently completing a
study of paperback covers. The study will be published. When I know
more about when and where, I'll inform the list since many of us
appear to be truly fascinated by the topic -- which is somewhat ironic
because I remember that when Paul first introduced the subject of his
research some subscribers were quite sceptical about it. GD ****

From: David Rhoden <>

I still have scans of a French Lolita, a Russian Pale Fire, a weird US
Despair that resembles a Rogaine ad, a psychedelic US Transparent Things,
and I could scan the page of my US Pale Fire inscribed by a reader, across
page ten or so: BULL SH*T. These are .gif files, and I'll gladly e-mail
them to anyone who asks but they are not intended for publication.

I am also in possesion of a one frame cartoon called "The Lepidopterist" by
Daniel Clowes from his comic book Eightball (no. 17). It's a bit of filler
featuring a character clearly inspired by the Halsman photos of a lepping
Nabokov. Can't scan that without permission. Are there any other
Eightball readers out there?