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Help Request re criticism of DESPAIR (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. NABOKV-L does not normally repond to "blanket" requests for
"physical" (as opposed to informational) assistance. Since, however, Ms.
Folli seems unable to secure the listed items through Inter-Library Loan,
I pass on her request below. If any one has copies of these articles at
hand and wishes to share them, please contact Fiamma Folli off-line at
<> for address and details. DBJ.

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Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 18:44:33 +0200
From: Image TV Firenze <>
Subject: nabokov despair

Dear Mr. D.Barton Johnson I'm Fiamma you remember ? I'm the
Italian student who is looking for the material for the degree in Russian
Literature. I asked about the Inter-Library Loan Service at my
University, but I found out it is possible to order only two books, or
articles per years, but the list I saw in Zembla counts a lot of books. So
if you be so kind to send me the material (not through the Inter- Library
Loan Service), it will be simpler for me. If it is possible, I'd like to
know the cost of the shipping, because, may be, the Russian Department
could bear the cost. Here the list I need:

Carroll, William C.: “The Cartesian Nightmare of Despair”. In: Nabokov's
Fifth Arc (ed. J.E. Rivers, Charles Nicol). Austin, TX: University of
Texas Press, 1982, p.82-104

Chouard, Géraldine. “La Méprise: mirages de la désespéance”. Q/W/E/R/T/Y, 5
(Oct.1995), pp.259-268

Couturier, Maurice. “Dédoublement et doublures dans Despair”, in Le Double,
l'ombre et le reflet, Déborah Léevy-Bertherat, ed. Paris: Opéra Editions,

Davydov, Sergej: “Despair”. In The Garland Companion to Vladimir Nabokov
(ed. Vladimir E.Alexandrov), New York: Garland, 1995, pp.88-101

Ruppert, Peter. “Fassbinder's Despair: Hermann Hermann through the Looking
Glass.” Post-Script: Essay in Film and the Humanities (Commerce, TX),
Winter, 1984, 3:2, pp.48-64

During my search on Internet, I found out that at University of Pavia
(Italy) there are two works on V.N.:
Nina Allan: “Madness, death and disease in the fiction of V.N.”,
Birmingham, University of Birmingham, Department of Russian language and

“Le double: Chamisso, Dostoevskij, Maupassant, Nabokov”, études recueillies
par Jean Bassiere avec la collaboration de Antonia Fonyi, Vladimir
Troubetzkoj, Paris, H.Campio, 1995

and at Biblioteca Alessandrina in Rome:
“Leçon litteraire sur V.N. de la Méprise à Ada” par Jocelyn Maixent, Paris,
Presses Universitaire de France, 1995

I can have a copy of theese three books. I can run across.
This is my new e-mail :

Fiamma Folli