Vladimir Nabokov

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First (Russian) edition of "Invitation to a Beheading" (fwd)
From: Tom <tomp@sru.co.uk>

Not long ago I had the exciting experience of holding a copy of the very
first edition of "Priglashenie na kazn'" in my own little hands. At the
bookshop in London where I found it, the bookseller claims that it's one
of an original print-run of 400, of which about 300 were apparently
destroyed by the Nazis. When I questioned the source of this information,
he was rather unconvincing, and said he'd love to know if it was true or
not. So, can anyone out there help?

Oh, and if anyone out there wants to buy it, I can't remember how much it
costs, except that it seemed a lot - two thousand and something pounds, or
three thousand and something dollars, I think. E-mail me directly if you
want any more details.

Tom Pedrick