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VN on "Jeopardy" (fwd)
For those who did not watch Jeopardy! tonight (10/15), the Final Jeopardy
"answer", in the category 20th Century Novelists, was: "After success
writing in English, he and his son Dmitri translated some of his earlier
Russian novels." Two contestants answered Solzhenitsyn (!); the returning
champion wrote "Nabokov", which Alex of course misstressed in the usual
way. In all immodesty, I will take this occasion to pass along a Double
Dactyl I wrote many years ago (internal caps = stress):

Huggery muggery,
VlAdimir NAbokov
Wrote Russian novels, a-
bout eight or ten.

Then in America,
After LOLITA, he
Wrote them again.

Earl Sampson
Boulder, CO