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Tom Bolt's DARK ICE

NABOKV-L will soon be running an interview with Tom Bolt about his
1001-line poem which antiphonically echoes VN's "Pale Fire," subtly
invoking many major and minor Nabokovian themes. Bolt, winner of the coveted Yale
Younger Poet's award in 1989, wields language in a way that cannot fail
to delight any Nabokovian. The poem (which draws upon many typographic
devices) is best read on the Nabokov WWW site with its copious real and
pseudo- notes is available at http:
// (For those lacking
ZEMBLA access, an ASCII version was sent out on NABOKV-L. If you missed
it, I can send it again individually on request.)
I would urge all of you to read the poem and take the opportunity
offer your observations and questions to Bolt for the interview. Please
address such to me with the Subject: DARK ICE. This is a unique
opportunity to look into the ways that Nabokov continues to inspire the
American literary imagination. The exact date of the interview will be
announced shortly.

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