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PALE FIRE: Kinbote & "The X-Files" (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Masha Barabtarlo response to Earl Sampson query.

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i do watch the x-files and i've seen that particular episode... i remember
being jarred slightly by the name 'lord kinbote', and now i remember
where i've heard it before... 'pale fire', isn't it? but where does king
charles come in? i'm afraid i haven't read the book.

--masha barabtarlo

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Subject: Nabokoviana? (fwd)

From a New York Times News Service article on "The X-Files", datelined Los
Angeles, by James Sterngold, published in our local newspaper Oct 12: "In
another episode, two Air Force officers who have posed as aliens and
abducted a young couple in a government plot are themselves abducted by a
strange creature from inside the earth. Lord Kinbote, and then become the
subject of a novel by a man who believes the whole story is nonsense."

I don't follow "The X-Files", so I didn't see this episode, and don't have
a feel for how "literary" the show's writing is. Any fans out there who may
have seen this episode and could comment on the relationship, if any,
between Lord Kinbote and King Charles?

Earl Sampson
Boulder, CO