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Prounciation of "Lolita"
EDITOR's NOTE. AS a note to Brian Boyd's observation below, Humbert is not
a native speaker of English in which the pronunciation of the phoneme /t/
is normally an "alveolar-dental," i.e., the tip of the tongue touchs to
ridge just IN BACK of the upper front teeth. In most European languages
(including VN's native Russian), /t/ is a true dental.
Dear List,

Just a brief response to Patrick Nolan's query: see VN--The American
Years, pp. 228-29 and footnote for an indication of Christopher
Ricks's and Julian Barnes's mistake in pointing out VN's mistake.

> Julian Barnes wrote in Flaubert's Parrot that "Vladimir Nabokov was
> wrong--rather surprising, this--about the phonetics of the name
> Lolita." We are under no obligation to trust Barnes, of course, but it
> would be surprising indeed if it were true.
> Patrick Nolan
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