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Oblique Nabokov reference (fwd)
Subject: Oblique Nabokov reference
From: Larry Zirlin <>
In the "Gotham" section of the 11/17 issue of New York Magazine there is
an article entitled "See Dick Sue" detailing the controversy around the
novel "I Love Dick" in which the main characters have the same names as
the author and her husband, both editors of Semiotext(e). The
protagonist sends letters to another character, which amount to
"epistolary stalking." The letters in the novel are copies of actual
letters the author sent to a third character who is easily identifiable
in "semiotic" circles. This "real recepient" threatened to sue unless
changes were made in the novel to disguise his identity.

The article is signed "Nic Zembla." There is no Nic Zembla listed on New
York's masthead.
Larry Zirlin

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