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Re: FYI-nabokov (fwd)

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<< It's a fairly good article; Rosenbaum is one of the more enjoyable
magazine journalists around. Well, barring a piece he had in a recent
Esquire on JD Salinger, which was one of the worst articles I've ever
read in my entire life. Someone should have told Esquire's editors
that there's not much left to say on that particular subject. >>

well, i have a comment, i suppose, about this particular issue......i'm under
20, just starting college, just now delving into literature and authors and
such with more than just a passing interest....and for someone my age, who
has not been around to hear about this before.....this article was
perfect....i'm not sure how old you are, or how knowledgeable you are, but i
am lacking on either end.....if it were not for this particular esquire
article, who knows how long before i would have come across the particular
enigma surrounding salinger for so "youngins" should not be left
behind simply because so many people older than us already possess this
knowledge? am i in the right or wrong here?