Vladimir Nabokov

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Prices for VN books? (fwd)
Not long ago someone wrote about the price of the first Russian edition of
the "Invitation to a Beheading". I am very bad with numbers, especially with
the ones that have few zeros at the end, so the actual figures immediately
skipped my memory. Besides I am not a collector. But if there are any
collectors on the list, maybe they could provide me with information
regarding the "fair" prices for the following items:

1. "Priglashenie na kazn' " (Invitation to a beheading) - Paris, Dom knigi,

2. "Zashita Luzhina" (Defence) - Berlin, Slovo, 1930.

3. "Korol', dama, valet" (King, Queen, Knave) - Berlin, Slovo, 1928.

4. "Lolita" - the famous two-volume Olimpia Press edition, 1955.

5. "The real life of Sebastian Knight" - New Directions, Norfolk,
Connecticut, 1941.

6. "Conclusive evidence" - Harper Brothers, New York, 1951.

Any hints will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Vasiliy Arkanov,