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Re: SIGHTING: Nabokov and Jack London
As I recall, it's one of the novel's quiet, almost secret joys, that Pnin
himself, not Dr. Wind, is the father of Victor.

There's some confusion on the subject early on but eventually Nabokov quite
clearly states that Victor is Pnin's, in the segment detailing Victor's
life, to my recollection.

Unfortunately, at the present moment I cannot find my copy of Pnin to
obtain a citation. Can anyone verify?

Thank you
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> The Ice Palace Jack London’s thousand words a day.
> JAN 27, 2014, VOL. 19, NO. 19 • BY WILLIAM H. PRITCHARD<http://www.weeklystandard.com/author/william-h.-pritchard>
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> Smaller Text<http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/ice-palace_774765.html#>
> In one of the most charming moments of Vladimir Nabokov’s *Pnin *(1957),
> our hero is about to be visited by a 14-year-old American boy, son of
> Pnin’s former (and dreadful) wife and her fraudulent lover, Dr. Eric Wind.
> Pnin wonders what gifts of welcome he can give young Victor, and decides
> that along with a football, he will provide some pleasurable reading. Since
> Pnin believes everyone in his native Russia knows Jack London’s work, Pnin
> asks a bookstore employee for London’s autobiographical novel *Martin
> Eden *(1909), to which the lady responds “Eden, Eden, Eden . . . let me
> see, you don’t mean a book on the British statesman? Or do you?”
> [image: Jack Oakie, Loretta Young, Clark Gable in ‘The Call of the Wild’
> (1935)]
> When the confusion is cleared up, the only book of London’s to be found is
> an old edition of *The Son of the Wolf *(1900), a collection of stories
> and London’s first published book. Pnin decides to buy it, though it is
> inferior to *Martin Eden*: “Not his best book but O.K. O.K, I will take
> it.” It turns out that Victor doesn’t like sports and believes the London
> volume is a translation from Russian, Pnin’s mother tongue. Politely,
> Victor says he’s sure he will like the book and reveals, “Last summer I
> read *Crime and*”—at which point he yawns and doesn’t complete the title
> of a novel by a writer whom Nabokov, if not Pnin, abhors.
> ( ... )
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