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Re: sharks, islands & Robinsons in Ada
Another PS: Sorry for my poor navigational talents. I searched through the initial quote about "black ether..wark" and proceeded onwards. I failed to go back cf. Brian's instructions [3.21: a halcyon climate under our Stars and Stripes: Combines l. 33, “O beautiful for halcyon skies,” of “America the Beautiful,”...(alluded to in detail at 21.12-18: see 21.12-18n.) ]. With the exception of the indication related to ''America the Beautiful: The Stirring True Story Behind Our Nation's Favorite Song'' by Lynn Sherr (detailing its more "politically correct" alteration), everything else can be found in Brian's Ada Online...

21.12-18: a minor hymnist’s paradise, a future America of alabaster buildings one hundred stories high . . . to carry pilgrims through black ether across an entire continent from dark to shining sea: Echoes “America the Beautiful,” the unofficial second national anthem of the USA, by the “minor hymnist” (and English professor at Wellesley College, where Nabokov himself taught between 1941 and 1948) Katherine Lee Bates (1859-1929). For “alabaster buildings,” see ll. 27-28 below, “Thine alabaster cities gleam / Undimmed by human tears!”; for “pilgrims,” see l. 9ff. (“for pilgrims’ feet . . . A thoroughfare for freedom . . . / Across the wilderness!”); for “from dark to shining sea,” see ll. 8 and 32 (“From sea to shining sea”). (The Kyoto Reading Circle was the first to note the “from sea to shining sea” echo.) [ snipped the lyrics here]

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