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Nabokov Studies
January 1993


The new journal Nabokov Studies will be launched in 1993. A
refereed, scholarly publication, Nabokov Studies will be edited
by D. Barton Johnson and published by Charles Schlacks. Gennady
Barabtarlo will serve as review editor. The editors will be
advised and assisted by a international board of emminent Nabokov
scholars. The aim of the journal, which is sponsored by the
Vladimir Nabokov Society, is to provide a forum for the best in
Nabokov scholarship.

Contributions may deal with any aspect of Nabokov studies or any
subject matter so long as it concerns Nabokov in some substantive
way. The only limitation is that bibliography, brief annota-
tions, documents, conference paper abstracts, and news of the
profession will continue to appear exclusively in The Nabokovian.
In addition to articles, Nabokov Studies will offer detailed
reviews of current and past publications on Nabokov including
dissertations. We also visualize survey articles on such topics
as the history of Nabokov scholarship and comprehensive overviews
of critical studies of individual Nabokov works.

Submissions may be of any length and in any major European lan-
guage, although English will be the usual language of pub-
lication. Submissions should observe The MLA Style Manual,
although footnotes rather than endnotes will be used. Preliminary
inquiries are welcome. Initial (mail) submissions should be in
three hard copies accompanied by return postage for one copy.
Final, revised (accepted) manuscripts should be on disk, pre-
ferably in WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, or ASCII, plus one print
copy. Graphic materials are welcome. Although anyone may submit
article manuscripts, publication of accepted manuscripts will
ordinarily require membership in the Vladimir Nabokov Society
and subscription to the journal itself.

Publishing plan. The inaugural issue will appear in late 1993.
Depending upon the quality and quantity of submissions, two
issues are envisioned for 1994; subject to the same conditions,
publication from 1995 onward will be four issues a year.

Subscription information. Individual subscriptions $20.75
domestic; $21.50 overseas. Institutional subscriptions: $30.75;
$31.50 overseas. Please urge your library to order. Subscription
orders should go to:

Charles Schlacks, Publisher
Nabokov Studies
Department of Languages and Literatures
University of Utah
153 Orson Spencer Hall
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Phone: (801) 581-5554
Fax: (801) 581-7581

Manuscripts, correspondence, and review copies may be sent to:

D. Barton Johnson, Editor
Nabokov Studies
Dept. of German and Comparative Lits.
Phelps Hall
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Phone calls and FAX should be directed to the editor at his
home number: (805) 682-4618. E-mail address: