Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0000002, Sat, 6 Mar 1993 13:35:40 -0800

Dissertation reviews
Dear Nabokovian,
Thank you for your subscription to NABOKV-L. I look forward to
your contributions to the net. (I won't really believe it works until I
get some messages from you.)
As you know from a previous communique, I am launching a new
journal to be called NABOKOV STUDIES. I plan to devote a regular section
to reviews of doctoral dissertations, which, I think, are an under-utilized
source of ideas and information on Nabokov. The dissertations selected for
review may be recent or old, and written in any language. If you or your
grad students run across dissertations of interest, please let me know.
Ideally, you or the interested grad student could do the review/critique.
Failing that, I would be glad to have the citation with your comments, so I
could find an appropriate reviewer. The reviews could be of any reasonable
I would also like reviews of books relevant to Nabokov studies in
languages other than English. There are valuable studies such as those of
Couturier (French), Knecht (German), and Croatian (Medaric), that are
little known to most Anglo-American Nabokovians, although the books have
been around for some time.
I would like to hear from any of you about the above or about any
ideas you might have for the journal. Any news for NABOKV-L would be
appreciated. Messages for me alone should go to
chtodel@humanitas.ucsb.edu; messages for the group--to