Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0000010, Sun, 28 Mar 1993 11:14:31 -0800

Library of Congress VN Archive
Net member Alice Birney, who is in charge of the Nabokov Archive at the
Library of Congress, reports that the LC archive is currently not open to
scholars. The Nabokov holdings are in the "restricted" category, and their
use requires permission from Dmitri Nabokov who is not accepting new
requests until further notice. A rough list of the archive contents was
published in THE NABOKOVIAN (then called "The Vladimir Nabokov Research
Newsletter") in issue #3 (Fall 1979).
Alphonse Vinh of the Yale Library hopes to make a listing of the
library's Nabokov materials available to net subscribers in the near future.
Don Johnson