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Nabokov Holdings at Yale
TO Nabokovians: Here is the list of the Beinecke
Library Nabokov holdings at Yale as compiled Alphonse Vinh (VINH@YALEVM).
My thanks to Alphonse for this information. Don JOhnson, Editor

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Subject: Nabokoviana at Yale

Dear Nabokovians,

As you all know, the Edmund Wilson-Vladimir Nabokov correspondence is in
the manuscripts collection of the Beinecke Rare Books Library here at Yale.
Unfortunately, it has not been catalogued. Edmund Wilson's papers are mostly
uncatalogued but there exists a working inventory to access his papers.
Besides the famous correspondence between the Great Duo, the Wilson papers
contain 7 files containing various material on Nabokov as a subject. In
addition, there are Wilson's various bellicose "replies" to Nabokov in this or
that journal--they are collected in a separate file.
Other collections in the Beinecke which contain Nabokoviana (that has
been catalogued) are in the following collected papers:

1) a letter to Herman W. Liebert dated 5/30/93 from Montreux.
2) a xerox of the ADA typescript (881 leaves).
3) Mark Weinbaum Papers (Gen. MSS 106)
(correspondence with Vladimir and Vera Nabokov 1949-1972)
4) George Ivask Papers (Gen. MSS 93)
(correspondence with the Nabokovs 1952-1958)
5) Louise Morgan and Otto Theis Papers
(correspondence from Nabokov c. 1940s)
6) Irina Odoevtseva Papers (Gen. MSS 101)
(extensive correspondence with Georgii Adamovich and Boris Zaitsev,
many references to Nabokov in the letters during his 'Sirin' stage)
7) Charles Henri Ford Papers (YCAL MSS 32)
(letter from Nabokov dated March 1946)
--Alphonse Vinh, Yale University Library