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Russian biog of VN
Nabokovians: I just ran across someting of interest in the L.A. Russian
newspaper $Panorama$, #625 (31 Mar-6 Apr 1993), p. 19. The journalist
Vladimir Solov'ev reports the appearance of the first Russian Nabokov
biography. His article is entitled "Pervaya biografiya Nabokova v
Moskve". The volume, $Fenomen Nabokova$, described as both scholarly and
popular, is by the Americanist Nikolai Anastas'ev, the former editor of "Inostr
literatura" and co-organizer of the Moscow/Petersburg
international Nabokov conference in June 1990. Apparently due to the
difficult situation in the CIS, the tirazh is only 5,000 copies, so
subscribers may have to act quickly if they wish to obtain copies. I hope
to have a review in the first issue of $Nabokov Studies$.

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