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Cycnos publication
Two items: 1) The university computer with will down over the weekend (May
1-2), so no traffic in or out.
2) $CYCNOS$, the journal of the Centre de Recherche sur
Ecritures de Langue anglaise (C.R.E.L.A) which is directed by Maurice
Couturier at the Universite de Nice, has just come out with its special
Nabokov issue. The citation is: CYCNOS, vol. 10, #1 (1993) bearing the title
$Nabokov: Autobiography, Biography and Fiction$. It contains papers given
at the third international Nabokov Conference which was held in Nice on
24-26 June 1992. The issue may be obtained by sending a check made out
to the order of "M. L'Agent Comptable de l'Universite de Nice-Sophia
Antipolis". The price is FF50. Orders should go to Andre Viola, Revue
CYCNOS, U.F.R. Lettres, Arts et Sciences Humaines, 98, Boulevard Edouard
Herriot, B.P. 369, 06204 - NICE CEDEX 3, France. The contents is as follows:

"Introduction," Maurice Couturier
Brian Boyd, "New Light on Nabokov's Russian Years"
Vladimir Alexandrov, "How can Ethics Exist in Nabokov's Fated Worlds?"
Ellen Pifer,"Innocence and Experience Replayed: From $Speak, Memory$ to $Ada$
Gennady Barabtarlo, "Nabokov in the Wilson Archive"
Simon Karlinsky, "Nabokov and Chekhov: Affinities, Parallels and Structures"
Julian Connolly, "From Biography to Autobiography and Back: The
Fictionalization of the Narrated Self in $The Real Life of Sebastian Knight$
Maurice Couturier, "The Distinguished Writer vs. the CHild"
Geoffrey Green, "Visions of a `Perfect Past': Nabokov, Autobiography,
Biography, and Fiction"
Susan Sweeney, "Playing Nabokov"
Dmitri Nabokov, "Things I could have Said"
Leona Toker, "`Who was Becoming Sea Sick? Cincinnatus': Some Aspects of
Nabokov's Treatment of the Communist Regime"
Christine Raguet-Bouvart, "Textual Regeneration and the Author's Progress"
D. Barton Johnson, "Vladimir Nabokov and Captain Mayne Reid"
Stephen Jan Parker, "Nabokov's Montreux Books: Part II"
Dr. J.D. Quin, "Nabokov's Neurology"
Pekka Tammi, "The St. Petersburg Text and its Nabokovian Texture"
Robert Alter, "Autobiography as Alchemy in $Pale Fire$
Suzanne Fraysse, "$Look at the Harlequins!$ or The Construction of an
Autobiography through the Reader-Writer Relationship"
Herbert Grabes, "The Deconstruction of Autobiography: $Look at the
David Rampton, "The Last Word in Nabokov Criticism"

The above are short (7-8 page) versions of the conference papers. Professor
Couturier plans to publish an American university press version of some of the
above in their full longer forms.