NABOKV-L post 0000020, Sat, 8 May 1993 13:47:03 -0700

Two items:
I. As editor I am having the puzzling experience of getting notices of
subscriptions from my listserver but when I try to e-mail messages to
the subscribers at the registered addresses they get bounced. No such
address, etc. Lately this has been true for all UK addresses and for Tome
Goldpaugh in the States. I have no way of knowing whether these addresses
are receiving material on the net or not. I would appreciate messages to
me either via the NABOKV-L or to my personal address telling me if stuff is getting through and
ESPECIALLY giving me FULL correct e-mail addresses. It may be a machine
problem but I can't tell until I hear from people. I also encourage more
participation from subscribers. What are you working on? Questions for net
members, etc. D. Barton Johnson, Editor