Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Conference (St.P.)
NABOKOVIANS: Professor Gennady Barabtarlo of the University of Mis-
souri has kindly provided a copy of the conference program from which
I have taken the following information. My thanks to Professor Barab-
The Nabokov family home at 24 Morskaya St. in Saint Petersburg was
host to a program entitled "Nabokov Days celebrating the 94th anniver-
sary of the author's birth. The conference, which took place 20-24
April 1993, was jointly sponsored by: The Nabokov Fund, the Russian
National Library (NRB), the newspaper "Nevskoe vremya," the Institute
for Genealogical Studies (IGI), the Russian Genealogical Society
(RGO), the Literary Museum of the Institute of Russian Literature
(IRLI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN) "Pushkin House" , and
the Rozhdestveno Village Museum.
The conference was in two parts: a genealogical one devoted to the
history of the Nabokovs and numerous related families, and a literary
one. The conference was opened by Vadim P. Stark, Executive Secretary
of the Nabokov Fund, speaking on "V.V. Nabokov in the Familiy Milieu."
A full day of genealogical talks at the Russian National Library ended
with the Nabokov Fund's presentation of an exhibit entitled "Kakoi tam
znakomyi est'...". The genealogical portion of the conference held
its third and last session at the Nabokov family home on Morskaya St.
The afternoon ws devoted to a tour of the house, followed by a bus
excursion "Nabokov in Petersburg."

The second, literary, portion of the conference was held at the
family home:

Session I (22 April 1993)
1. V.P. Stark (Exec. Sec. of the Nabokov Fund)......"Opening address:
`..Prokhozhu ia inkognito v polykhaiushchii sumrak otchizny moei'"
2. S.A. Lur'e (writer)....."Nabokov's Models of Fate"
3. E.B. Belodubrovskii (Cultural Fund)..."Nabokov---Gymnasium Student"
4. V.M. Mel'nikov (Rozhdestveno Village Museum)..."Rozhdestveno in
Nabokov's Works"
5. N.A. Formozov (Moscow)..."Butterflies in Nabokov's Work"

Session II
1. K.A. Rogova (St. Petersburg Univ.)..."The Semantic Composition of
Nabokov's "Christmas": The Linguistic Aspect"
2. M.V. Chernitskaya (St.-P. Univ.)..."The Paradise of the Nabokovian
3. A.L. Petrov (Nabokov Fund)..."A.A. Kolosov and his Recollections of
Nabokov and Yuri Rausch von Traubenberg"
4. V.P. Stark..."The Pushkinian Background of Nabokov's "Visit to a
5. V.S. Lobanova (IRLI RAN)...."Portaits of Nabokov Family Members
from the Collection of the IRLI RAN: Pushkinskii dom"
6. Jan Neiman (Sculptor)..."Sculptural Portraits of V. Nabokov"

Photographs of the portraits discussed by Ms. Lobanova and Mr.
Neiman's sculptural portraits were on exhibit throughout the day.

Session III (23 April 1993)
1. I.P. Kossakovskii (Literary scholar)..."Nabokov and Tyutchev:
Toward a Statement of the Problem"
2. A.E. Ioffe, (RGA Russian Navy)..."Nabokov and the Russian Navy"
3. N.K. Teletova (Repin Institute)..."Two Trials: Nabokov and Kafka"
4. A. Yu. Chernov (Writer)..."Humbert the Hunter, or the the Uses of
Childhood Bedtime Reading"
5. M.V. Korobova (St.-P. Univ.)..."Nabokov through American Eyes"
6. T.F. Verizhnikova (Repin Institute)..."The Art of the Book in
England circa 1900. Based on Books in the Nabokov Library"

The session was followed by compositions based on Nabokov's works per-
formed by Sergei Novozhilov.
The final day of the conference was devoted to an excursion to the
village of Rozhdestveno, the site of the Nabokov summer estates. Dur-
ing the evening, there was a showing of Stanley Kubrick's LOLITA.
COMMENT: The above information is based entirely upon the advance
program. There were quite possibly substantial deviations from the
plan. I do not know anyone who attended and would very much like to
hear from anyone who did. I plan to look into the possibility of
obtaining selected papers. I don't know if there is a plan to publish
them. Nor do I know if the Nabokov home on Morskaya is now permanently
open as a museum. I, and other net members, would appreciate any
information you can provide. The excursions seem to be the same as
those enjoyed by those of us who attended the Nabokov Conference in
Moscow & St. Petersburg in June 1990.