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Re: VN at Koktebel: 1993 Pt. II (fwd)
Here is the addendum to Galya Diment's Koktebel' report.

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A couple more things: In Voloshin's library in Koktebel' there is a copy
of Nabokov's 1916 book of poems with Nabokov's "autograph" in it. It
simply says to M. Voloshin from V. Nabokov. He probably gave it to
Voloshin when they had their meeting in a cafe in Yalta in 1918.

Olga Skonechnaia, who gave a talk on Nabokov and Bely, and who is
finishing her dissertation on Nabokov and Symbolists, published an article
last year (I do not remember where) on her findings while working with the
archives at the Tenishev gymnasium. I do not have a copy yet but she told
me that there she challenges several of Nabokov's statements about his
record at school, etc. Has anyone come across the article by any chance?
She promised to send me a copy so I did not try hard enough to remember the
title of the journal. Too bad.