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Subject: MLA Session chaired by John Foster
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Subject: MLA Session chaired by John Foster
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The Open Session sponsored by the Nabokov Society at
the MLA Convention will meet from 9:00 to 10:15 p.m.
on December 29, at the Varley Room in the Toronto
Hilton. It will be chaired by John Foster of George
Mason University, Vice President of the society. The
papers will deal with Nabokov's major English fiction,
excluding *Lolita,* and are listed below:

Christy L. Burns (William and Mary), "Not
Chancing It: Paranoid Subjectivity and its
Metafictive Frame in Nabokov's *Pnin*."
John Lavagnino (Brandeis), "*Pale Fire* and
the Amorality of Eternity."
Antje Thole (Rice), "Modern and Postmodern
Death in *Pale Fire*."
Jeanne C. Ewert (Pennsylvania), "Ardor or
Anger? Ada's Silence."

It is hoped that the late hour for this session will
not discourage Nabokovians. Without the pressure of
another session coming afterwards, we will have ample
time for discussion, conversation, and perhaps even a
convivial adjournment to a nearby lounge.
Until Toronto! John Foster.