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Re: VN & Ayn Rand (fwd)
Below is Galya Diment's response to my mini-essay on Nabokov and
Ayn Rand dated 4 Aug. Her question is an intriguing one that had never
crossed my mind. Barbara Branden's biography of Rand and Boyd's VN biog
would be a starting point. My first thought on the matter is that although
there are some obvious similarities in family histories, Vera Slonim's
father, as lawyer and then very successful business man (timber exporter),
provided a very different sort of atmosphere from that which seems to have
prevailed in the Rozenbaum family home. Like Slonim, Rozenbaum graduated
from St._P University, but with a degree in chemistry.
Do any of you out there have thoughts on the matter you might like
to share? Are there other reactions to the unlikely pairing of VN & AR or
Vera Slonim & Ayn Rand?
Don Johnson

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Would you compare Ayn Rand's background to Vera Nabokov's?