Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0000074, Mon, 16 Aug 1993 10:09:37 -0700

Mary discussion
TO: Nabokv-L subscribers.
I hope you are enjoying the discussion of MARY. I have a thought
to pass on for both contributors and readers. The exchanges are getting
rather long. I do NOT see this as a problem, but a virtue. It does,
however, present a small practical difficulty that leads me to make a
suggestion. For those of us who (like myself) have short memories, it
might prove helpful to print out each message in the discussion as it
comes in. This way, they can be examined, reflected on, and responded to
in the best possible fashion. Many of you have doubtless already realized
this and acted accordingly. If you have missed part of the discussion you
can retrieve it by sending INDEX and GET commands to
Listserv@ucsbvm.bitnet. Or contact me directly.
Best regards, Don Johnson, Editor