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Pale Fire (fwd)
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Date: Wed, 25 Aug 93 13:57:40 CDT
From: ted ficklen <SWGFICK@UMSLVMA.bitnet>
Subject: Pale Fire

I've got what might be a rather dumb question, Lets see...

Im reading Pale Fire and I am wondering, should I read the book straight
through like any other novel or should I read the "commentary" first
before I read the poem, as "Charles Kinbote" advises in the foreword.

Actually, I usually skip the foreword or preface and go straight to the story,
but in this case, what is the story? (tho thats probably the million dollar
question isnt it?)

Starting off the school year reading Nabokov is like waking up in the morning
and gulping down an expresso before you get out of bed!

Ted Ficklen
University of Missouri - St Louis