Vladimir Nabokov

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Bibliographic note: The Times Literary Supplement of 30 July 1993 (No.
4713), p. 8 has a review of Eco Umberto's newly translated essay
collection MISREADINGS (tr. William Weaver), Cape, 1993. The reviewer,
Lorna Sage, takes particular note of Umberto's "LOLITA parody -- GRANITA,
about a happless gerontophile [which] --comes back into English, thanks to
William Weaver's translation, with the authentic tones of the original
Humbert, scorning (for instance) `a sordid petting party with young models
and pimply university students' in favor of grandma's charms."

Sasha Sokolov has, of course, written a whole novel (ASTROPHOBIA)
utilizing the same Nabokovian inversion.