Vladimir Nabokov

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The following new critical study of Nabokov's work has just appeared:
Gennady Barabtarlo (University of Missouri), AERIAL VIEW: ESSAYS ON
NABOKOV'S ART AND METAPHYSICS. (American University Studies. Series XXIV
American Literature. Vol. 40). Peter Lang: New York, 1993. ISBN

"Nabokov's art of prose, as it evolved over the half-a-century of
concentrated creativity in two languages, is a prodigiously intricate
phenomenon. Many of its fascinating secrets remain sealed, despite a
torrent of interpretive literature. The essays that form AERIAL VIEW probe
and light numerous such recesses, in many instances seldom or never visited
before. The book alerts the serious student of both Russian and
English works by Nabokov to the deep functional relationship between the
artistic properties of his fiction (such as composition, narrative
techniques, and style) and its implied philosophy of creation and afterlife.
In a special appendix, many archival documents by and about
Nabokov are published and annotated for the first time."


1. Jack in the Suitcase ("Revenge")
2. The Informing of the Soul (Invitation to a Beheading)
3. Grandmother's Charm (The Enchanter)
4. Nabokov's Little Tragedies (English Short Stories)
5. Despite Proofreaders (The Russian Lolita)
6. A Resolved Discord (Pnin)
7. Nabokov's Cryptography (Entrefilets)
The Main Secret
Beautiful Soup
Four Notes on Pale Fire
Shade's Peer in Ada
See under Sebastian
Scrambled Bacon
The Defense Marginalia
Terror and Beatitude

Appendixes (Archival Material)
Nabokov's Reliquary Poem
"25 October, 1917": An Autograph
Nabokov and Wilson