Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0000130, Sun, 31 Oct 1993 13:32:08 -0800

The "Second Preliminary Program" for the AATSEEL Conference in Toronto
gives the following information on the session sponsored by the Nabokov
Society. The Nabokov session will take place on 28 December from 1-3pm
(section #TU-3-7). It is devoted to Nabokov's 1930 novel PODVIG (GLORY).
Chair: Alexander Dunkel, U. of Arizona
Sec: Maxim D. Shrayer

"The Glory of Arms" The Glory of Art? It's in the Picture"---Galina
DeRoeck, U. of Arizona
"Martin as Muse"-----Charles Nicol, Indiana State Un.
"Becoming Quixotic"----Guy Houk, Stetson University

Another Nabokov paper, "Nabokov's Luzhin as Transformation of Two
Dostoevskian Fiancees" will be presented by Olga Meerson (Columbia) in
section TU-3-8 (Characterization and Narrativitiy in Slavic Literatures).
Unfortunately, the two session run concurrently.