Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: VN Bibliography (fwd)
I endorse the following bibliographic reference and would add that
Dr. Grayson has a very long, detailed study of VN's planned continuation
of THE GIFT in the first number of NABOKOV STUDIES. The rusalka or
naid theme has an important role in the planned sequel.

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Here is a worthy item easy to miss: a very interesting article by Jane Gray
son entitled "Rusalka [Pushkin's Water Sprite to which Nabokov appended a final
scene] and the Person from Porlock", on Pushkin and Nabokov, in "Symbolism and
After: Essays on Russian Poetry in Honour of Georgette Donchin", ed. by Arnold
McMillin (Bristol Classical Press- Duckworth, London, 1992, pp. 162-185).