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election results (fwd)
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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 93 11:00:06 CST
From: Gene Barabtarlo <GRAGB@MIZZOU1.bitnet>
To: nabokv-l@ucsbvm.bitnet
Subject: election results

The results of the election for the office of VP of the International Nabokov
Society are in: Professor Donald Barton Johnson has won the majority of votes,
and will serve as Vice-President in 1994-95 and, presumably, as President for
the term of 1996-97. Almost one-half of the American members have returned bal-
lots either by e- or regular mail, plus a few from other continents (Europe, As
ia, Oceania). I should like to thank both candidates for their willingness to r
un, congratulate the winner, and express my gratitude to those who responded an
d particularly to those who suggested topics for future Nabokov sessions. I
shall try to print them all in the Spring issue of The Nabokovian.

Gennady Barabtarlo, President of INS