Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0000148, Wed, 17 Nov 1993 14:27:28 -0800

Gene Barabtarlo, current president of the INS, has sent me two
unrelated items for your delectation. The tonality and commentary are the
responsibility of your net editor, not Professor Barabtarlo.

1: Those of you who are already subscribers to GQ (Gentleman's Quarterly?)
are already aware of this, so for the rest of us--in the October issue
there is an article (interview? profile?) of Governor Weld of Massachusetts
(who, I [DBJ] hear, has been mentioned as a possible [Republican] Presidential
material.) "In literature his tastes run to the dry complexities of
Vladimir Nabokov -- `The greatest novelist of the 20th century, no question,
just a phrase can stay with me for decades, many of them...he's by far the
most brilliant writer I've encountered'."

2: The Vladimir Nabokov Society has launched the long and arduous process
of persuading the Post Office to issue a Nabokov stamp. But let's face it,
we aren't talking Elvis here. Maybe the $10,000 stamp?