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vn on selected shorts (fwd)
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Date: Fri, 19 Nov 93 09:26 EST
Subject: vn on selected shorts

don -

i just got a mailing from symphony space in nyc where
the pbs radio program 'selected shorts' is taped.
on 19 jan 1994, vn's 'darling of the anthologists' (as i
think he once called it), 'first love' is going to be
read. no mention of whom will do the reading.

this is the first time one of his pieces has appeared on
the program. the producers had told me in the past that
they couldn't find one of vn's stories 'short enough' to
meet their time constraints. i don't know what changed
their minds.

normally you can buy a copy of the performance. for those
interested, i offer the only address and phone number on
the brochure: symphony space, 2537 broadway, ny, ny 10025
and 212-864-5400.

michael juliar