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Re: Nabokovian novelists in the UK (fwd)
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Date: 22 Nov 93 10:57:55 EST
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Subject: Re: Nabokovian novelists in the UK (fwd)

Martin Amis is a good Nabokovian, and his several pieces on our
boy are all good reading,but- - judging from one mysteriously
metaphysically nasty novel I read twenty years ago--perhaps not such
a great novelist.

I agree with Don that Tom Stoppard fills the bill excellently. Aside
from the great literary trick of the play Rosenkrantz and
Guildenstern Are Dead, etc., I believe that there is one direct
connection: he wrote the screenplay for DESPAIR, starring Dirk
Bogarde, by the great German filmmaker whose name slips by at the
moment. But it's a marvelously idiosyncratic view of the novel with
a style of its own. --Charles Nicol