Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliograpy
My thanks to CB for this exotic VN reference. I certainly hadn't seen it
before. DBJ

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Subject: Teeny book

Dear Nabokovians: A friend returning from Moscow brought me a book that
you might add to your bibliographies. It is literally the size of a generous
postage stamp: the page measures 2.5 x 2". It consists of 34 poems and is
a reprint from the journal POLIGRAFIJA, 9(1989). It is 128 pp. The page
facing the table of contents (p.127) reads: VLADIMIR NABOKOV / Stikhotvo-
renija / Sostavlenie i predislovie Ja. S. Markovicha / Illjustratcii
khudozhnika L.V.Kozlova / Reprintnoe vosproizvenenie prilozhenija k
zhurnalu "Poligrafija" No.9 za 1989 g. / s dopolneniem. The size of this
edition was 115,000 copies.

Forgive me if this is old news. I hadn't seen it. / CB