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Re: PNIN query (fwd) COMMENT (fwd)
The following is a response to Sam Schuman original query re PNIN's
"Eileen Lane" ( does it have Shakespearen resonance?) and Chaz Nicol's
thoughts on the matter. DBJ

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I think that you have taken a wholly all too deconstructive view of the
formation of her name. While what you have said is true, I would venture to
conjecture that the formation of the her name 'Eileen Lane' was not because
of it's sembelence to the verb "to lie," but it's phonetic nature. It sounds
like a very lazy name, and as for the word languid, it only enhaces the
feeling through both feeling and alliteration.

directed to Charles Nicols from Indiana State U

David Moon, The University of Chicago